Stop & Search app FAQ


Stop & Search app FAQ


By Legal Lifelines
11 November 2020

Point your phone camera here to download our app


How do I download the Legal Lifelines Stop & Search App?

Go to The Apple App Store, or The Google Play Store for Android and type in ‘Legal Lifelines’ and the app will appear. Download it like any other app. It is free to download and use.

Can I use the App straight away?

Yes, but the SOS function requires you to enter your details and a unique PIN before it is activated. We recommend that the user activates the PIN function ASAP. The reason is, should you request your footage, or ask the Legal Lifelines team to review it for you, we need to know which is your footage. The PIN function also prevents your phone’s recording function from being turned off without the user’s consent.

How long does Legal Lifelines store the footage for?

We store all data sent to our cloud for 30 days, If the footage is required in an on-going case, then we will of course extend that period  if asked.

How do I access the footage?

Contact us via our website and request it and we will provide you with your footage once you verify that you are the user of the app.

Who owns the footage?

You! By uploading the footage to our cloud, we do not state any ownership or claim over the footage. We’re the data controllers (someone has to be), due to it being uploaded to our secure cloud platform.

Will anyone else access my footage?

No one will look at the footage apart from the user who requests it, or their legal team, should they instruct them to. In certain circumstances, the police could request the footage if, for example, it is relevant to a case. The police would have to request this through the relevant legal channels however and permission would have to be granted by the user, or the court.

Is my footage safe?

Yes! Once the footage reaches our secure cloud platform, it is triple replicated across different geo locations within Europe and encrypted with military grade AES 256 Bit encryption at rest – and in the unfortunate event that you do not have any access to the internet (3g,4g,5g, WiFi) then we also save a local copy of the footage to your device (just look in your video gallery).

Is the footage admissible in a court of law?

Yes, we retain the original metadata of the video file to ensure data integrity to ensure that any footage will be admissible in court.

Will the App work abroad?

No. This app is designed for use in England and Wales. The lawyers are qualified to advise in these jurisdictions.

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