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Appropriate Adults

Appropriate Adults By Leila Tai 20 September 2023 An important role Appropriate adults provide communication support during police investigations to juveniles or vulnerable adults who are victims, witnesses or suspects....

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Justice will be done…

Justice will be done….. By Joshua Ellis 13 October 2022 September 2009, Manchester United line up against Manchester City. The game is tied at 3-3 in the 6th minute of...

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Joint Enterprise

In the 2016 case of Jogee, the Supreme Court corrected an ‘error’ which had set the law of joint enterprise on the wrong track since 1985. The error was using...

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Will anything kill the bill? –The APPG’s inquiry into police conduct and the Clapham Vigil and Bristol Protests

The Police Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (PCSC) has not had the smoothest course through Parliament. Plagued by criticism, including of the significant expansion of police powers, concern was only...

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Online Abuse

Sometimes advice given to children on engaging the world of social media is along the lines of – ‘Don’t say anything online that you would not say to that person...

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The Home Secretary and the Suffragettes

It is in the nature of all Governments, whether democratically elected or autocratic, to amass more and more power until its citizens say “enough”. Ministers of State do not like...

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Is the Criminal Justice System doing Justice for Women?

The tragic death of Sarah Everard has shone a light on society’s appalling treatment of women. It has exposed the anger and frustration at the structural misogyny that legitimises and...

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Student Residence and Student Rights: Police Corona Inspections on University Campus’

As Lockdown 3 approaches staged relaxation, some students living in halls have reported that police officers have entered halls of residence and issued fines for breaches under the Coronavirus Act.

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Discrimination in Criminal Justice: Four Analytical Steps for Lawyers

Discrimination has always existed in the criminal justice system. But, in the last decade, analysis and awareness of discrimination have grown significantly. Despite these developments, criminal lawyers’ understanding of discrimination...

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