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Coronavirus: A party of 6; or not to party?

If you go down to the woods today……don’t talk to any people dancing to repetitive beats or you might find yourself receiving a fixed penalty notice following the amendments to...

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Encrochat hack: Unparalleled victory or illegal interception?

“Today we had our domains seized illegally by government entities. They repurposed our domain to launch an attack to compromise carbon units… we can no longer guarantee the security of...

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The Gangs Matrix – Racialised Policing & How Lawyers Are Pushing Back

The Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) Gangs Matrix is a database held by the MPS on which they list the names and personal details, among other information, of suspected “gang nominals”...

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Why the Right to Peacefully Protest Trumps (almost) Everything

Once in a generation comes an injustice so great that it unites decent people across cultures and continents. Remaining silent becomes an act of complicity. The only decision to be...

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Religious Tolerance & The Law

Blasphemy was abolished as an offence in England and Wales in 2008, but it remains in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In 2017 Irish police opened an investigation into Stephen Fry...

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Can I get my property back?

“Can I have my phone back Officer? Or “…can I have my laptop back officer.” Too often the answer is “no” or you are simply ignored. Is there anything you...

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Police Powers: Stop, Search & Arrest

Generally, the police may stop and question you at any time but you are not obliged to stop and answer their questions. A police officer does not have to be...

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Witnesses and Victims of Crime: A Survival Guide

The overriding objective of the criminal justice system is in ‘acquitting the innocent and convicting the guilty’. But another core objective is that of ‘respecting the interests of witnesses, victims...

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