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Discrimination in Criminal Justice: Four Analytical Steps for Lawyers

Discrimination has always existed in the criminal justice system. But, in the last decade, analysis and awareness of discrimination have grown significantly. Despite these developments, criminal lawyers’ understanding of discrimination...

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Saving a Generation: Alternatives to the Criminal Justice System for Young Offenders

When a child enters the criminal justice system in the UK, their life chances are significantly damaged. Black children are significantly over-represented within the justice system. A large body of...

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What you need to tell an employer if you have been convicted or cautioned

What you need to tell an employer if you have been convicted or cautioned By James McCrindell 13 November 2020 It may be hard to know what you have to...

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Police Powers: Stop, Search & Arrest

Police Powers: Stop, Search and Arrest By Michael Herford 12 November 2020 Stopping you to ask questions… Generally, the police may stop and question you at any time but you...

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Stop & Search app FAQ

Stop & Search app FAQ By Legal Lifelines 11 November 2020 Point your phone camera here to download our app   How do I download the Legal Lifelines Stop &...

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“The Sharp End” – Knife crime, the law and its impact in numbers

In May 2020, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Dame Cressida Dick, stated that the UK’s national lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic had provided a period of crime...

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“Going Country”…. The growing epidemic of ‘County Lines’ criminality & Modern Slavery

County Lines is the term used to describe gangs and organised criminal networks, transporting drugs into one or more supply areas within the UK and using dedicated mobile phone lines...

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Police Investigations in a pandemic

The criminal justice system was showing signs of trouble before the arrival of the coronavirus. The pandemic has served however to throw up additional challenges for an already flagging system.

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What impact could the International Black Lives Matter movement have on the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales?

The death of George Floyd on the 29th of May 2020 was an event that shocked the world. He was a 46-year-old African-American man who was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota while...

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